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The JAC selects candidates for judicial office in England and Wales, and for some tribunals with UK-wide powers.

The JAC’s statutory duties are to select candidates solely on merit, to select only people of good character and to have regard to the need to encourage diversity in the range of persons available for judicial selection.

The JAC website advertises future judicial vacancies and the selection process for each vacancy. It provides guidance for each stage of the process.

On the website there is a section on how to assess if you are ready to make an application.  You can also sign up to be a mock candidate to familiarise yourself with the selection process and to get specific feedback on your performance.

You can apply for support from the Targeted Outreach and Support Team, a programme designed to support and encourage diversity by targeting underrepresented groups (BAME, women, disabled and solicitor candidates) in recruitment for key court and tribunal roles. This involves completion of a short and simple application form.

Information on how to complete each stage of the application process can be found on the JAC website.

The JAC’s website also publishes feedback from the commissioners and successful candidates following each recruitment exercise.

You can to register to receive notifications directly from the JAC and sign up for the JAC monthly newsletter. For more information visit: https://judicialappointments.gov.uk

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