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The programme was launch in April 2019 and is the first joint initiative of the Judicial Diversity Forum, which is committed to delivering actions that attract applicants for judicial roles from all backgrounds to achieve a more diverse judiciary.  The Judicial Diversity Forum made up of the Judiciary, Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC), The Bar Council, The Law Society of England and Wales and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx).

The aim of PAJE is to support individuals from different legal backgrounds, namely barristers, solicitors and CILEx, to feel more prepared, equipped and confident when considering and/or applying for a future judicial role.

The programme is targeted at the following four underrepresented groups:

  • All Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic lawyers;
  • All women lawyers;
  • All lawyers with disabilities; and/or
  • Solicitors and chartered legal executives (both with a litigation and non-litigation background) and those from a non-litigation background including academic and non-practising barristers

The course has been developed to build confidence; and allay fears and to ensure individual are aware of the essential characteristics of a judicial post.  The course also allows for learning introspection and reflection.

The intention of the course is to ensure that individuals from the above targeted groups are better prepared for a judicial post.  That they are able to self-identify their suitability before making any judicial application; that they are able or better equipped to discuss how their experience(s) relates to the skills required of a judge; and to assist with the transition to competency in post on appointment.

PAJE is a judge-led course run across England & Wales, consisting of four discussion groups run over a 4 to 8 week period.  Successful applicants are expected to attend all four discussion groups in order to complete the course.

The course is designed to complement other initiatives like mentoring or application workshops. It has not been specifically designed to support the application process. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to seek the additional support from their professional body programmes and resources.

The Judicial College has developed a digital resource to assist individuals to develop their understanding of the role and skills required of a judge.  The resource is available to everyone on an unlimited basis and contains a mix of videos and podcasts of judges talking about their work and the Judiciary.  To access the resource visit the UK Judiciary You Tube page:


Visit the Bar Council website for further information about PAJE Course

https://www.barcouncil.org.uk/support-for-barristers/wellbeing-personal-career-support/pre-application-judicial-education-programme-paje.html or if you have any queries contact PAJE@judiciary.uk

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