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The Bar Standards Board (BSB) defines a young barrister as “less than seven years practising following the first date on which the barrister was eligible for a full practising certificate.”

Whether you are a newly qualified barrister in your 50s you would be equal to a ‘young’ newly qualified barrister in their 20s.  Both individuals would experience similar challenges in the early years of practice.  This is why the Bar Council’s. Young Barristers’ Committee has produced “The Inside Guide to Life at the Bar”.

The 51-page document is a useful guide for young barristers.  It aims to put all young barristers on an equal footing by making information readily available and easily accessible as they embark on their career and begin to build their practice.

The Inside Guide to Life at the Bar Covers a number of topics, which include:  Establishing your Network; Working at the Employed Bar; Working in Chambers; Equality and Diversity; Finances and Administration; Building your Practice; Wellbeing; Parenting at the Bar; Handling Complaints; Training and Professional Development; The Rules; and Further Information and Support.

The Bar Council website also has further toolkits and information for young barrister, which individuals may find of assistance https://www.barcouncil.org.uk/support-for-barristers/young-bar.html

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