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BGLU is an organisation composed of legal professionals globally, founded in 2019. There are over 400 members consisting of: solicitors in private practice and in-house positions, barristers in commercial and non-commercial field, practitioners in legal and compliance roles; and student graduates of law and non-law studies

BGLU aims to empower its members to achieve all they envision in their professional careers. We recognise that social inequalities and structural issues faced by a number of members in several jurisdictions can act as barriers, limiting their career journey.  Our mission is to create a safe space to improve the prospects of lawyers and students in the legal sector in addition to collaborating and partnering up with like-minded organisations and individuals to create inclusive opportunities for us to thrive as individuals and a collective.

BGLU provides business, networking, professional and educational opportunities for its members in both jurisdictions, with social events and training designed to grow and support the careers and relationships of its members. We support all graduates and students within the Union by mentoring, offering advice and circulating legal and business opportunities.

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